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These pages will show you how big (make love) everyday and the sexual difference between sex with and without feeling! Because with real feelings there must be mentally active characters! Because emotions and sexuality are inseparable! They must and will recognize that satisfaction and habit, as well as the personal (s) wishful thinking, attitudes or beliefs (principles) absolutely nothing, may have to do with partnership feelings they promote but the euphoria and thus the will of mind of the that one would have to go together, but as I said feelings are spiritual nature, no mind thing! Why this emotional (sexual) characters (female ejaculation) are the most important? 1) True Feelings are neither persuade nor bought, it is in fact the only difference to our other intimate circle (friends, family, etc. Related 2.) Because any solid relationship based (foundation) feelings of partnership / trust are "should "and in all people! Thus emotions are automatically sustainable partnership and work permanently in the partnership, as well as in everyday life, as long as they exist. This sexuality is called to see the show, smell of real trust. But they are (feelings) expire never die / without noticing that it is both! Love formula> short factual report on page

Please read "ALL" about the links to better understand you. Because what they read here, applies to "every woman"! As these facts shown here (surveys) are unique in the world, and despite this hammer title (but unfortunately the corresponding article not true, because the female ejaculation has absolutely nothing to do with climax (orgasm).
This is really difficult for outside, but often brings it read, or just ask us! Because costs nothing to ask! For all the doubters should be noted that even the Nobel Prize in Physics 2011 was awarded to someone who had to completely rewrite the existing physics in its domain. Just as well I can, so what they see evidence here!
Since I can prove the statements made here, under laboratory conditions, I am 03:10:10 notify the Ministry of Health as a suggestion and at 05:11:10 the Minister of Health Dr. Philipp Rösler submitted for consideration.
Since there is no other thing or substance is the world that has so much potential for disease prevention as the true feeling and their character (female ejaculation)

01/26/2011 Silk is the murderer caught by Mirco and the case solved! You are wondering what this has to do with this site, very much. As the murderer of little Mirco acted out of frustration.
This would not have happened if the rules of feelings with him were home inventory.
You will recognize that sexual frustration is whatever extent degradable and that the partner. You mean the poor woman? Quite wrong, you would have gone there and had taken him sexually, and thus relaxes (entfrustet)! So dangerous can be the rail orgasm!!! It promotes the massive sexual frustration that makes many (especially unstable) people become alcoholics, rapists, thugs (violently), domestic violence, sexually-related, even as in this case, a murderer! It must finally be an end! Furthermore, would true partnerschafliche feelings as signs an active and permanent female ejaculation total opening, marriage fraud, internet love dizziness and production of Kukuckskindern about 10%, completely prevent "the love can not be erredet, thus eliminating Love is blind, or going through the stomach, sexual addiction, etc rose-colored glasses! The partnership feelings are based on trust. This means that the mind is never affected by feelings so, but that he always has to clear and be dominant! There is also in England, according to broadcast on N24 one woman standing by a disease always just before orgasm. This was the first days and weeks quite ok, but after that it was the point of nausea and stress. This woman lives alone because she's afraid of sex. Something was on the female Ejakulationsschiene never occur, even after years or decades of a woman permanently available! Permanent readiness also means constant relaxation, female appreciation, self-affirmation. because you (vagina, female ejaculation, real feelings) can die but by Him!
Due to recent events!
At 14:10:10 the tabloids reported that American researchers have demonstrated a love analgesic effect as a drug.
Wow, the research will someday excited by the potential for love and the existing character (female ejaculation) have!

Likewise, the Bild newspaper reported on 05.11.10
Italian researchers have demonstrated that the cheating may be Harmful.
For this reason it is important for men and women, the true love and thus the right partner / see it! Without the mentioned signs of spiritual love, this is an impossible task.

Has also been found in a study of the AOK, has mental illness by occupational stress / bullying etc. increased in recent years by 20%. Renowned institutes e.g. Max Planck assume that by 2025 depression will constitute the bulk of the health budget!
But everyday life and private life is a symbiotic one always affects the other!
For this reason, at high load in everyday life just as a great relaxation in the privacy necessary to compensate! Can this work without problems they experienced here.
We should ask ourselves if this is normal if, for example a woman has a headache or migraine, it is treated with medication.
Just for menstrual Bersch Will, and much more. (Antibabipille, Dolormin for women) but only a variety of sympathy and the resulting sex is able to fix something in a natural way. Take vaginal yeast or bladder infection (caused by bacteria from the intestinal tract), which can get a woman with genuine sympathy, not more, it is almost immune to know how!
This would our health insurance - employer and its own budget relieve (contribution rate) significantly!
Here you can find detailed information about the character of 100% confidence and the resulting feelings (of love and sympathy).
The searching and reading, we would hope that the positive health (effective against depression, tinnitus, Burn Outsyndrom, anything that can cause the mind to physical problems such as soft tissue rheumatism (fibromyalgia), infertility (children's wishes will rise again) shingles, sexual frustration (aggression retardant) increase self confidence, bullying resistance distributes inferiority complex hormonal disorders such as menstrual symptoms of menopause, headaches, migraines, pain and allergy-relieving and more. True feelings can make figuratively even an earlier rape by others forget) and interpreted partnership effects properly be questioned or asked for. We hope the necessary knowledge, or give good advice to be able to. At least, however, suggestions times thinking about yourself and your partner (in). The proper, permanent Female Ejaculation Part / Total opening means a lot more than just a woman (sexually flies, and because of this man takes) squirts. Since the female ejaculation is the highest sexual level, including the highest number of total relaxation and 100% trust and love for both, she also has an impact on the daily lives of both. For a cheerful, relaxed, satisfied, motivated employees (in) is usually more productive than others. But the other way is also possible, and often, the personal problems let our motivation, concentration, and good mood everyday subside noticeably. The character of emotions is the best way to prevent the sexual neglect of our youth! Can the preventions at the right education and female singles get.
The book entitled: The Orgasm lie is widely available.
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