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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here we explain the difference between the mind suggested (imaginary) love and soul of love! Which characters can be seen that! I have seen and experienced as women fly, fly as fast and as high as a comet, driven by one thing, sympathy! (True feelings)! True feelings come from within, are spiritual nature! One can compare this with a dart board. The closer he is at the emotional center of it, the more goes, with the least effort! The farther he is removed from the more he must do and give! Already in the Bible is "Love you, and replenish the planet with life!" But true love bears this sign in every woman! Whether young, old, fat, thin, poor, rich, no matter what star sign or hair color!

We want to try, on the basis of sexual questions, please show on what you should look to really see the difference in yourself, or the right partner (in)! Why we do this? Because sexuality is inextricably linked with feelings! For this reason, it must be real good feeling to give a serious sexual noticeable difference! We must recognize that orgasm is a mind thing and never ssomit kompatiebel partnership with his feelings, Because feelings are mental / psychological nature!

The science is talking about .... * can * - I of .... * must * Also Do I contradict gynecology, that it was normal that women dry during and after menopause, the years taken birth control pills or smoking (he) are respectively! In more than 90% of all cases is the lack of sympathy of the reason! Because according to psychology, some studies and sexuality is inextricably linked with my feelings.

It's about the constant femalen (female) ejaculations vaginal / anal (cum female). Since in general the four-phase control (orgasm rule) is: But what does the orgasm usually? It says that it must be assessed and a maximum of 20% of women regularly receive Him as partners with this rule trust / love or feelings during sex are not important, although love is the highest form of emotion between people. Because if we fall in love, it changes our whole lives, not just our sexuality? Although the most intimate affection but will not achieve the most., One must be predisposed to love? We know that every woman is different, they look different and have different Charaktäre. But is not that matter? The feelings are supposed to form the unit, unite, in "love" carries these sexual characters at every loving woman. They say that sex is not "ALL"? But it is "ALL", at least as a sign of true faith and feeling, so the feelings are not suggested by the mind, but are supported by the soul, the Trust is the basis of any emotion. Mentally supported not only functions as a sexual love überflieger of women and men, but also serves as an early warning system for Mentally / soul or relationship crises. Otherwise, "LOVE" is just a word! The reason why love and the resulting real sex is the single most important purchase, about "all you can talk to spare, or, in other words, only the true feeling of all the money in the world, not for sale. Furthermore, we should remember that frequent cause of dispute / disagreement / aggression is based on sexual frustration. Example: One seeks reasons for disputes to real trivialities like. not closed tube of toothpaste, or sweater hung, leave socks at the very beginning, this has not bothered, why ? Because the mind had to do but we are brought to your attention! But reason has nothing to do with feeling! Drain all this trouble Resulting solely by sexual frustration, steam.

According to the GfK market research study, is also responsible for most of the human sexuality inextricably linked with emotions. This is undoubtedly absolutely correct, because the statements by swingers, you could separate emotions and sexuality, are not more than imagination, more later about this. Nothing, absolutely nothing can make a person in a relationship so hot as a breath of sympathy (related persons). Feelings make Geil! until such time as they exist. Getting to know the voice just like the smell (pheromones), have contributed greatly to the intensity of female interest. The drive of this irrelevant results from the following days and weeks. Because interest is people oriented and will remain, sex drive is generally applicable and will be met by one or two days suppressed!

Because generally, the smell can be underestimated in getting to know. The more the smell of women's happening, the better the man is right for her (the pheromones are facts and are clearly Identified through the brain) because the more that happens in the brain of the woman, the more will be transferred to their fantasy / vagina! The pheromones are processed in the brain of the man and the woman classified!! The soul is not interested whether this man is poor, rich, thick, thin, etc., but how well it fits and how important it would be with the growth. Facts are important, the fact is that we are on the wrong criteria (appearance, occupation, hobbies,) judgments. Fail for this reason a great many relationships, or just a side by side to allow. The correct sex (female-ejaculation) means something and can not exist. It binds and promotes the feeling of togetherness (protective jealousy) and has pain relieving allergies, aggression-inhibiting de-escalate, stress is reduced and an enormous mental relaxation occurs. Physically (immune system is strengthened, hormonal imbalances are not at all relieved or Tretten behobenoder)! And mentally stronger and brings a good mood, it motivated not only for this relationship but on the everyday, is the best natural prevention against depression, inferiority complex, insomnia, self-confidence, thus increasing the Mobbingresitenz, sexual-alcohol drug-drug abuse and much more.! Why is this so? Many inhibitions by alcohol, drugs, because it is supposed to cool to the orgasm bar that is true, too. But the feelings (female ejaculation) are stronger than all these things! A soul can not persuade (influence by talking) buy yet. You can, however, for non compliance with its negative sign (feigned orgasm) proceed quite blatantly against the person by influenced by psychological Beeindrätchigungen the body (your whole body is burning, they can not self-employed out of bed, goes to infertility) to always to say more, that this pair does not really belong together. Something we call health insurance Killer! Since the two together are not really concerned


According to this study, can also imagine most any lasting relationship without sex! Since sexuality is the mirror of a relationship. Likewise, the woman's vagina, a reflection of their physical and psychic being. At the moment I close the Femalen ejaculation only women who are acutely ill. Since illness distracts. All others are in a position to do so. Assuming you have the confidence, love, and thus also the right partner! For what is love and how it manifests itself? Love is an attraction in itself, thus eliminating any sexual preparation, every sense is stimulated enormously by emotions. Once the soul is in play, it is in every respect - a say-talk - decision. The heist is it about the vagina / anus positive or negative signals (feedback) give, this will only happen when true feelings are involved. If this is not the case, we speak of imaginary love, ie, which is suggested by the mind. They are recognized by the orgasm bar, just a tingling sensation in the stomach and heart rate increase (which will melt away) is easy enough for a true feeling! Why is this tingling flies so fast? Because when the day comes, the mind has to do it but to push the soul!

On the 11/29/06 broadcast TV station N24 a report on "human sexuality".

This report confirmed the scientific community that a woman an orgasm without their own irritation

can get and the brain, the biggest sex organ. This is a lunatic progress because AB here, starts with "LOVE", the first sexual experience AT.! For the "True Love", is the highest form of affection between two people! It would allow bad sex, nausea, cramping during oral / anal sex before. Why then this rule?


Four phase rule:

Acquaintance - arousal - orgasm - Abturnphase!


Is an orgasm really the sexual / love climax? Let go (You can interact with beautiful women by talking, or buy with money / power) to track the orgasm is not possible to release one, but only one permit, which means a 100% permanent total opening female ejaculation!

What is an orgasm? (See, for about 20% of women in having sex with a partner after about 20 minutes). We expect 100 women love, it can only get 20% more or less regularly an orgasm with a partner. About. 15% of women now and then and 65% women never do, these women can only orgasm through masturbation receive. May look like a rule of love? Example: So a woman without an orgasm, she will not have an orgasm no matter whether one Night_Stand or the so-called love! Similarly, we consider the so-called sexual delinquency of youth. How can something happen? Our young people are educated much more open, the heist, she tried more and earlier. For this reason, many noted that sex is the same shit with or without a sense of (fun) fun is wenns shit was a long way. This should give us food for thought, the fun is probably the lowest fi reason to express themselves sexually. The fun heist, you do it only for the female recognition (I have any, I will demand much more! But the men are so similar, not many are going to experience or feeling it after firing rate. These gentlemen want to tell, what was that woman . This make a lot of fast to sexual positions and practices, rather than on real Erlebnisen. Example: Many Men talk of the Kama Sutra and sex in an elevator, office, porn movies, swinger club form and one that your wife when she moans a few times a multiple had orgasm . But it does not matter where or what position you have sex, but what I have Experience really (reached)! we have two one hours Long term grinner, forget about the migraine, back pain, soft tissue rheumatism, hay fever, depression, and so on. Let us note that these ailments subside / disappear or not auftretten or do we only had a few minutes of fun? No matter where or how!

An orgasm is produced by irritation of the Physical climax! However, any stimuli (r)! The statement that the woman is not any ranlässt has little to do with feeling, but is a very clear mind / attitude of expression.

This means speaking out of emotions, the partner does not matter, only when the matter is tempting (clitoris, foreplay, cock size, head cinema) is important! For where there are no feelings, it must be the engine generates or supports.

How can you stimulate feelings? Emotions are an attraction in itself, for this reason, you can (feelings) are not irritating. Which characters are automatically available to support feelings of soul! These characters are listed signs of emotion, and apply to 100% of all women!

1) The woman is no longer wet but is permanently wet without foreplay, just start from the anus and wet! As she is drawn away of the feelings. Similarly, only the soul / psyche in a position to assert themselves in the true feelings to your mind! In true feelings is a prelude (stroke, zärlichkeit etc.) counterproductive. Kissing, holding hands, etc. Yes, but never before or during sex. the soul would retire, the so-called totstreicheln occurs.

2) The percolation of moisture is your dunnflüssigem the slimy - Weißschleimigen changes. This comes through feelings, because the soul wants to sign the Optimal / lubrication and thus give the best possible experience / have! White mucus is the greatest emotional support and an emotion your partner and yourself over, also the experience of a woman / man here is gigantic! Even when they would run only füüüüüüüüüüüüüühhhlen Experience!

3) nausea / cramping / preferences / inclinations / sexual drive are no longer available! The women will always be submissive!

4) Due to the congestion in the vagina / anus open, through this opening, you will not feel Him, and He, (because they both feel) but there will be both nothing hotter / more beautiful than this! Something like the exchange of sexual feelings that will always lead to total psychic satisfaction (relaxation) of both. A bad / disappointment is thus ruled out! If a man express this negative, that is to say it was wet and open to him, this is tantamount to: "I do not like you"! Because he wants to become irritated and may by the absence of feelings about this track does not communicate, ie he can not experience and enjoy.

5th) Go with her wits against these feelings (jealousy) will burn their genitals!

6) The clitoris is considered not necessary, ie it is the least important to every woman can now get over their feelings! This results from the fact that the soul will notice anything and everything says it will give positive and negative signs on the genitals. Example: He is calling, or sending an SMS, alone at the sight of their telephone number or his name on the display, this soul is active and the woman set well above their genital area also in knowledge that it (soul / mind) knows who this SMS / Teleonat RIP. Likewise, the voice on the phone, you will enjoy, should then words, pet names or topics to be persuaded that her favor is also this (commented wet spills Vaginal / anal) with Various feedbacks. It does not please the soul, you will dry the Genitalie and this woman will get akkut bad mood, but the flies very quickly.

How long does it take for women to ejaculate. Time until ejaculation is different, without any previous sexual interference, in 2 seconds, number of outlets to infinity! So much for the men, excluded too early ejaculation in men. The Bissell longer we should be all right. Here you find any excuses of Lords! Even a heavily-loaded man on a business trip, etc. is, by a short phone call, SMS and satisfy his partner sexuall full. This also means that can (fly) satisfy the Impotenteste man his wife always fully sexually latest (soul).

In order to give us clarity about the orgasm, we ask for more.

How do you explain the question why a woman with a one night stand / swingers club or visit a brief sexual affair reached the same as in your great "love"? namely a maximum orgasm. Because as I said, and there is no feeling used. For as soon as a true spiritual feeling is there, the track is changed. Love is always the way of feelings, so the Femal-Ejaculatory. The female ejaculation is the highest form of female / male sexuality, she shows him / her what it means "woman" to be. Because the men who love a woman allegedly, this should be a must. The man can talk about love when his wife with the same or any other with dildo, shower head, vibrator more than achieved with Him? If he can not get you as the lowest of what sexuality is, give "orgasm"? Because even the sexual experience of the man is, in femalen ejaculation by pheromones released another, because sex is the best reflection of a relationship. Every woman can ejaculate! Female ejaculation is a secretion from glands Paredrahlen that each has a different composition / consistency. This is explained by the amount of stress and what happens if the soul like it Declaration / types of Ejakulatkonsistenzen> About Me / references, topics

The secretion, however subconscious / 100% confidence / release protected. However, the gland has any woman! Only one woman has not the right partner (in)! Since the soul is not to outward appearances, money, power seeking, but rather only decides on the pheromones of the man whether and to what extent you will open. The opening is also very often prevented by silly talk, false intelligence, genetic defects, ignorance, occupation of husband / wife! Why is the profession they will wonder. It is generally transmitted in everything from daily life, sexuality, and vice versa! If one is in the profession or incorrect as (lawyer), the soul will hardly move let that partner or yourself with confidence, as more and that would be something if, subconsciously play along!


By städige female ejaculation also eliminates the Tiresome saying treasure was I good? Because you have shown that it was good (see spot or puddle)! This show is much more to say than it is! You can say much, as long as unsupported words be believed! Because a vagina does not lie! It reflects the heart of a woman again, she has stress, sadness, hurt you, hurt, or sick,

to her (ejaculates) is a pointer to whether all or something is wrong. The Ejakulatarten in detail. Declaration> About Me / references, topics



An orgasm can be played (as the most common lie in a Bziehung, what is treasure? No treasure, what should be), are not the female ejaculation total opening. For this reason, it is the only visible evidence of mental assisted love. As the orgasm this support is lacking, many are wondering why they often fall ill, the signs are that the subconscious mind / soul of her character is that she is the wrong partner. How strongly these signs (depression, etc. Of course everything that can be triggered by the psyche of disease) can be or how fast they get depends on the situation of the relationship. Example: So, an insult is not so hard to use as sex Gleitmitel, or a rape (in partnership). So I hope to have this to some extent explained. As a noted poet, "who bind themselves forever drum check"

This test applies not only to the partner but also for themselves whether HE / SHE The / The right one!

Can be used as a test of love rich people - or * He loves me * - and he loves you or my money. As money / power a Grand Design for Pre-Played / Imaginary "LOVE" can be. Are called sluts or prostitutes or sexual addiction, there are in this category only to the orgasm bar.

What is a "LOVING" sexually experienced woman at all? List is starting to experience love with the smallest value of staggered experience or the experience where you need the least emotion:

Point one would be for one night was brief sexual affair Ok! Heard but not really a solid love relationship

1) orgasm through Vaginal / anal sex or stimulation of this they need not feel. Also, any feeling of expression (words) are questioned because they are imaginary love. For feeling is the way of feelings, so the Femalen away.

Partial opening!


2) orgasm only about erogenous zones not touching the genitals

3) Female Ejaculation by Vaginal / anal sex or stimulation of the normal ranges Saftsquirting release a = confidence.

4) orgasm without touching

From here, a total opening is safe!


5) Female ejaculation mucus only erogenous zones not touching the genitals

6) Female Anal Analejakulation The finish is much more intensive,> as the vaginal Erkläreun About Me / references, topics

7) Female ejaculation or Analejakulation own without stimulation, oral sex only with you with him when he comes in her mouth (ejaculates)! Or call / SMS without touching yourself! Technically, the powerful sense of character!

8) Femal ejaculation anal / vaginal stimulation at the same time without their own, only through oral sex, you with him when he comes in her mouth (to swallow semen is ejaculated and the long-term memory) or by telephone call / SMS without touching yourself!

There are differences of femalen ejaculation:

- Random experienced i.e., the woman can not control it and do not experience every time, and only Squirten, Squirten heist Thin secretions obtained by trust / release has nothing to do with

Do true sense, because chance can play forever.

- Awareness brought about and experienced, juice (squirting), mucus, Weißschleimejakulationen. Visit> Themes Photos: How wet can / must be love

a) partial opening, slime / here starts with daily use, the immunity against depression, tinnitus, burn-Outsyndrom, psychologically induced illnesses are relieved or disappear and not even on Tretten! best natural remedy for almost any type of abuse, sleep-endocrine disorder-menopausal symptoms, etc.

This woman can control the female ejaculation, and they always experience the vaginal / anal sex and feel that you could enjoy even more if you would be totally open. This woman loves, from here it is no longer important, the tail size, foreplay, mind movies, clitoris, etc. Because from here ruled the largest sexual organ of women. The brain / subconscious!! For the husband is the difference from here, Gigantic! For the female pheromones can prevent among other things, too soon / the ejaculate of the man! The woman is already aroused by his voice, or SMS. An audition is usually not necessary, because it is irritated by your emotions, you will always be ready from here. But only for one. The soul would not tolerate another, at least as long as this love is alive!

b) total opening / from here everything is possible, Analejakulation, passive ejaculation, forced ejaculation. Declaration> About Me / references, topics

This is the highest level and allows a woman in any situation or any (sexual) contact (ie phone, vaginal, anal, oral on him) femal ejaculate with her husband. Disgust and taboos no longer exist. This woman is ready 24 hours a day for him sexually. But it is much easier to satisfy, because this woman can consist of a text message / phone call to get out more than others during sexual intercourse. This woman wants to or can not go without their strange love / sexuality to sacrifice complete. This woman can never feel more love!! The greatest feeling of elation when he comes, you have, if he ejaculates in your mouth!! (Injected). The second largest elation during anal intercourse.

The absolute sexual "LOVE climax is

If they are (ejaculate) ejaculates while front and rear, even without stimulation, only because it treats oral and he injects into his mouth! These characters are both gigantic!

Certificate: Cornelia B. D. Brigitte Dagmar V. Steff R.

Caution is going on here is no other partner / sex as long as love is alive!! Since frigiedität bzw.von depression caused physical limitations threaten! To any violation of the rules of the feelings to be punished.

Cornelia D. testimony she is feeling cold are 2003 total! She has sex only for self-confirmation! She flew with me in mega Moderately see evidence

You can not love or be happy to have developed more profound,

just as it was made just because she listens to Brigitte as mom. Steffanie R. also has failed, however, was triggered by glaring physical symptoms of depression punished.

This means that it is not a normal sexuality (orgasm), tenderness, romance feels more security, etc. and can see properly. These women are their partners never really trust!

It is based on science, different amounts of ejaculate and that 5 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml, 444 ml volume per outlet are most common between 25 ml and 50 ml When multiple glands cum at the same time comes, of course, more. The difference arises from the daily condition of the woman! Because if they had a lot of stress, something is ejaculated less and different than if they had a "normal" day. This is also on the juice, mucus, Weißschleimejakulat significantly. Mucus white mucus and ejaculations are clear signs of emotional feeling. So a declaration of love without words.

It is wrong that female ejaculation is a matter of irritation. It is a matter of opening. If let go trust is missing / woman can not do that, no matter how hard she is excited. The much-vaunted G-spot, but may be at the first attempt femalen ejaculation, used quite helpful. This naturally leads to success only if they can let go. When the feeling is not a problem because IT WORKS almost automatically. Because a woman may experience a Kettenejakulation, is general belief that female ejaculation is a matter of irritation, refuted or see evidence!


The difference between sex with orgasm is:

Orgasm is made sex erreizt, senses.

Female ejaculation is love / sex experienced, felt in love is the contact of the stimulus it will excite the senses! After the orgasm, it is also possible to cheat his partner, or an orgasm audition. One can think of one and have the other sex. In addition, you can theoretically be obtained from each sex to orgasm. That this is approximately 70% of all women is not the case, and the orgasm is fake, know the most!

This is not the constant ejaculation femalen total opening possible. For the woman smelling the pheromones that he is not the right, and excite your vagina would be located by any irritation. In addition, each woman may not like the orgasm only 20%,

Certificate: Cornelia D. Dagmar V. Brigitte B. Steffanie R. Barbara R. Andrea R. K. Walle Sabine Ingrid A. W.

Just apply to the orgasm bar the inclinations and preferences.

This is when ejaculation Female Total opening different rules here, as I said the feeling is and thus the point (submissive) "ALL" the feeling will open automatically. Even if the woman sickened sooner or pain (oral / anal sex) had.


I.e. a woman could be at "every" man have an orgasm - reproductive / irritation / detection mode. No sense a prerequisite because it is not important who is irritating, but is irritated. Here are the differences between male (cock size, stamina, foreplay, head cinema, etc.) clearly, one is better than another, just as women is different. Are signs of something like WHATEVER!


The female ejaculation is usually based on the person - Love / experience / feeling mode. Here reigns the feeling and can be quite mighty. Also, you will constantly (24 hours a day 365 days a year) to be ready (nassss no kiss, or prelude) to him, and everything is really experienced intense positive, the feeling does not tolerate bad. Moreover, the soul would fight only for something obvious sense! That means, no matter who vertstößt of these rules will be punished. Whether it is the woman herself or partner, you go against love, or he will hurt the soul of their moisture in the genital area of ​​the burn in question (to hell). Here, all women are equal, united by a feeling.


Then there is that is also a difference between sex and sex, sex in a committed relationship. Sex with and without feeling. The largest difference is the lack of interest to, illness, lie realizes too late and the woman to orgasm, cheating, and can thereby also could get an orgasm! This danger is, as already mentioned in the continuous ejaculation Femalen total opening is not given real!


Women who ejaculate have ever Femal, everyday a different self-esteem and are physically and mentally much more resilient.

After more than 40 women that I have brought to the constant femalen ejaculation, I know what I am talking about. A woman who constantly femal ejaculate in each act begins at the middle of the excitement phase, because you never fall lower than a woman with orgasm. The love is a stimulant that is always there, for this reason it is constantly irritated. Even a phone call she will immediately attract more or a text message!

The introductory phase and part of the excitement phase omitted. An audition is not necessary.

If he the one (right), he can keep talking to her without much to do everything and they will see it with both pleasure and delight. Because love does not tolerate bad sex. bad sex = orgasm

The female ejaculation affects of course also affect the health of the woman / man. Hormonal problems such as menstrual disorders (blood clots, cysts washed out parts disappear), etc. Best remedy for burn-Outsyndrom and depression. Resilience against vaginal yeast infections, other infections of the vagina, head / migraines and joint pain, pain, allergies are alleviated or disappear, this is the tremendous relaxation or due to stress / hardening of the joints! Why is this so? because the female ejaculation which maximize natural, relaxation, and the largest gender-specific recognition that there are darstelt.

Is for this reason:

Feelings and sexuality are inextricably linked miteinsander.

Feelings are based on trust, confidence is the word for sexual release, sexual signs of letting go is always the female ejaculation!

What you must be a minimum in my view for a 100% sex / love experience. 1 times have seen it all?

The continuous Female Schleimejakulation the vaginal / anal intercourse should be in every sex normality!



Orgasm without touching

Testimony Cornelia D. (38J.) / Brigitte B. (23J)

Steff. R. (43 j.)

Female ejaculation, only about erogenous zones,

no touching of the genitals


Testimony Cornelia D. (38J.) / Brigitte B. (23J.)

Albina K. (51J.) / Dagmar V. (42J.)


Female ejaculation through oral sex

YOU with Him to be stimulated even without

Testimony Cornelia D. (38J.) Brigitte B. (23J.)

Dagmar V. (42J.) Steff. R. (43J.)

Babsi R. (51J.) Walle R. (51J.)


Female ejaculation through vaginal or anal

Sexual intercourse, this should in any sexual act

be the goal

Testimony Cornelia D. (34J.) Brigitte B. (23J.)

Albina K. (51J.) / Dagmar V. (38J.)

Maria S. (46J.) / Heide L. Rose (47J.)

Ingrid W. (40J.) / Sylvia H. (33J.)

Ingeborg R (49J.) Ines Z. (22J.)

Steff. R. (43 yrs) Sabine M. (30 years)

BabsiR. (51J.) SabineA. (33J.) Walle R. (51J) Andrea K.

Female Analejakulation or production of the body-

Analgleitmittels own and extreme strain, despite

by previous very poor Analerfahrung

other persons

Testimony Cornelia D. (38J.) / Brigitte B. (23J.)

Albina K. (51J.) / Dagmar V. (42J.)

Steff. R. (43J.) Sabine M. (30J.)

Babsi R. (51J.) Sabine A. (33J.)

Andrea K. Walle R.

Since there is no button (irritation) are, you can press the (only the so-called G-spot may be beneficial to Erstüberwindung (applies only to the right partner) and every woman is Varies

can be given no panacea. The woman you must know in order to assess / Open to.

It is recommended that the / enlighten the elect (oral)

It is important that you stand in his speeches and it still lives, the other is a soul not to convince.




a) Confidence gepart with knowledge, then changes the view!!!!!!!!!!


Can not deflect the most important thing!!!!!!

b.) True Love opens but (almost) automatically, but far enough so that you never get orgasms. It can happen to ejaculation in some cases, they need a little male support (with stimulation of the G point must be aided). Because you can always switch from rail to rail to orgasm ejaculation Femalen where it is automatically true feelings on the femalen rail. But the other way will not do. If you want you must shutdown completely in the introductory phase, alternate track to orgasm then boot up on the rail.


The fact is, the longer a relationship already, the harder it is for you

To bring Femalen (female) ejaculation. (For a master of the advisory capacity supported, but not impossible)

Every woman / couple must decide for themselves what will their happiness and the associated

Proper sex is worth it. This is also the best remedy for stress and aggression.


Female ejaculation is due to the constant sex, with some minor

never boring. Because they ejaculate every anderst times. More, less, faster, slower


Swap to refresh the supposedly happy relationship no longer exists.

Because you can "only" would go with Him Ejaculate Swap only in his presence. Because if they do not smell, hear, see, they would not provoke irritation no matter where or by whom! Would she do it anyway, they would regret it with absolute certainty. (Fremdgeh / love protection).


Please sex in the bed, couch or other absorbent surfaces a base to move, otherwise contamination of the example Mattress made, and the pheromone evaporation can lead to unwanted memories and fantasies (in isolation).


Rang around the half-heartedness with which many of these things, therefore, condemn most to fail.


It is certainly also because many are very wrong information in circulation.

I very much regret that there are so many people with the theme Female Ejaculation

Bad jokes and kidding other people do! E.G. Porn industry e.g.


Since the continuous Female ejaculation is very complex and individually, I will offer lectures / seminars or to book me for such leave in order to tackle problems directly and be able to eliminate.


A vaginal orgasm is approximately 0.5-0.8% of the value of the experience of love, what a woman really can do (should / must)!

For this reason it is not surprising that women often lose interest very quickly and plays to orgasm, because the difference between have and not be so minimal that you can barely measure it. Anything with "the or please me" or "for or what I want" comes from the mind and has nothing to do with true feeling.


But what is the real difference and how to identify the woman is more than just an orgasm.

Here are examples where one on one or more references, recognizes women has no feeling or need.


1) A Woman Is a foreign or studied in an open relationship change as exchange partners.


2) A woman who seeks excuses such as migraine or no desire to


3) A woman needs the foreplay / tenderness,


4) The tail goes to size


5) The Kitzlergeil is, therefore, need for some excitement, the clitoris,


6) a woman who is mad if she has not seen it, only because he has come


7) The vagina has a dry, cool and just be,


8) A woman who makes no oral sex or not swallow the seeds,


9) A woman with no or little sex / anal sex makes, and if so, with lubricant or with pain


10) A dominant woman


11) the woman has little nervous or depressed,


12th) A woman who does not love or have the wrong partner,


13) women with no or conceited self-confidence


14th), the women in the consumption of drugs such as e.g. Cocaine, extasie, alcohol, drugs are horny.

15) reach the women alone with your dildo / shower head more than the partner.

For this reason:

"The sign of true love = constant female ejaculation Total Opening"!


As already mentioned the ejaculate could any woman! Female ejaculation is a separation of four Paretrahlen glands.

The secretion, however subconscious / 100% protected trust. However, the gland has any woman!

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This and more in interest!

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